Corrupt NYC Lawyer Peter L. Cedeno caught in legal battle with former client.

Atesa employed the services of Cedeño to stand for her in a divorcement proceeding opposing Anthony at a period of time when Atesa was significantly vulnerable, both emotionally and economically. She dealt with, inter alia, a pending divorcement proceeding, a possible loss of child custody, a criminal matter stemming from a recent arrest for assault connecting to the divorcement proceeding, and also a then-ongoing ACS investigating procedure that threatened her relation with the child.

Cedeno Law Group, New York

Cedeño, a trusted fiduciary when it come to a lot of these particular concerns, stressed his competency to reach effective outcomes for Atesa. Cedeño took advantage of particularly confidential private facts discovered in the context of the attorney-client relation, not to promote Atesa’s legitimate interests but in an eventually effective effort to develop a intimate partnership with Atesa.

To even further this intention Cedeño prolonged the procedures, lying to the court and also to the parties at the same time. He made use of the impediments he wrongfully achieved to get closer directly to Atesa. And Cedeño’s initiatives to further a erotic relationship with Atesa only intensified after Cedeño got to know that the Plaintiffs were truly attempting to reconcile.

Cedeño never developed, and given his role and the inherent power imbalance in the relationship could never develop, a consensual sexual relationship with Atesa. Instead Cedeño sexually attacked Atesa.

The lustful attack, the aforethought hold-ups which preceded it, and the calculated obstruction with Anthony’s and also Atesa’s efforts to resolve have caused the Plaintiffs to sustain immense psychological and monetary loss. Cedeño’s ongoing flirtation with his client, and his quest to develop a sexual relationship with her, demonstrate that he placed his own personal interests ahead of those of his vulnerable client, a breach of his fiduciary obligations.

Legal Case Filed in NYC against Peter L. Cedeno

As a result, Cedeño and also his law office should really be held responsible for sexual assault/battery, violation of fiduciary duty, transgressions of Judiciary Law 487, deliberate infliction of psychological torment, and loss of consortium, and be demanded to cough up commensurate absolute and amercements.

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