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Cedeno Law Group – New York

Attorney Peter L. Cedeño’s unfailing commitment to customers and unrivaled work principles have actually caused impressive results for households in difficult situations. Mr. Cedeño’s history of excellence has actually been recognized by the individuals he has helped, in addition to by trusted legal organizations. In addition to being selected annually to the New york city […]

Corrupt NYC Lawyer Peter L. Cedeno caught in legal battle with former client.

Atesa employed the services of Cedeño to stand for her in a divorcement proceeding opposing Anthony at a period of time when Atesa was significantly vulnerable, both emotionally and economically. She dealt with, inter alia, a pending divorcement proceeding, a possible loss of child custody, a criminal matter stemming from a recent arrest for assault […]

Supercharge your productivity with these timeboxing tips.

All of us have the same 24 hours right? But, what makes other people better than me, richer than me, successful than me? Time management. Yes time management. That is what billionaires can conquer. How do you manage your 24 hours? Motivation is something that everyone struggles with on a daily basis. Getting things done […]